14 September, 2014

Ikea Hack // Kraft Paper Dispenser for under $15

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If you know me, you're no doubt aware that I have a slight obsession with kraft paper.  I love its versatility - it can as easily dress up a Christmas present for a 3 year old as it can a present for an 80th.  

This year I have decided to purge all other wrapping papers from my house (a little bit ocd...hey!) and use only kraft paper to wrap my gifts.  I use a variety of tags, labels & stamps to help me add a little bit of personality and to personalise each gift.  Here are a couple examples:

So, as any good obsession of mine goes, I tend to take it to the next level...I've had my eye on this little baby for quite a while.  

It's a kraft paper dispenser from George & Willy and I love it for so many reasons, including:

i)    it holds a HEAP of kraft paper

ii)   I would use it to keep me up to date with all my friends and family birthdays for the month
iii)  it would be a little focal point / art work for my office
iv)  it's matte black...say no more

I was so close to buying it, deciding on a little splurge for my newly renovated office, when I stumbled across some bits & pieces in the curtain department at Ikea and it got my d.i.y juices flowing....

I used the Racka, curtain rod system from Ikea, cut down to size and here is the result.  It is actually perfect as I can adjust it based on the size of the roll of paper that I buy.

So, its not exactly the chic, matte black dispenser from George & Willy but I'm really happy with how it turned out and the $275 change I ended up with in my pocket !

Here are a couple more of my kraft paper favs

1.  Restaurant menu
2.  Disposable table cloth - coming to a party of mine soon !
3   Shopping list - I sometimes pen my shopping list on my paper and then snap a photo of it as I'm running out the door
3.  Hours of entertainment for the kids - young and old