23 August, 2016

DO IT YOURSELF // Over Sized Round Mirror Statement for Under $200



I want to share an area of my house that was causing some unease.  You know that spot in your house that isn’t really a spot.  Not quite a nook, not really space but a blank area that just needed....something.  

It’s the internal wall where our bi-fold doors stack when they are open, so I needed a versatile solution, nothing too heavy or permanent.

I popped into Gogo Furniture and spotted the Replica George Nelson bench and knew it was exactly what I had been looking for.  The colour, style, the size all fit and for a bargain price of $259 for the medium bench.

When we put it together, it looked great but obviously the area wasn’t finished.  I jumped onto pinterest to see how other people had styled their George Nelson bench. Of course, I was drawn to the bench/oversized round mirror combo by megtimjakebay (below) from instagram.  Pinterest link here 


The picture instantly reminded me of a heap of images of oversized, round mirrors that I had recently pinned on Pinterest which I wanted to incorporate into our renovation as some stage. Check out my Pinterest boards here .

1. The Design Chaser Blog - the home of Hanna Wessman
2. Decorfacil.com
3. Minosa Design
4. Image via Laurel & Wolf Blog

I literally went down to my local mirror/glass shop, Fremantle Glass that same day to get a quote for a round, 1 metre in diameter mirror.  Before I knew it (less than 3 hours!), they delivered it - all for the bargain price of $200.  

I asked their advice about the black tubing surround for the mirror edges.  They
 showed me some tubing that was exactly what I needed.  

It was 4mm window glazing rubber to fit my 4mm mirror.  So in less than four hours, I had the completed mirror ready to be hung.

Hanging it was a bit of a challenge which luckily wasn't my department.  We considered a couple of methods including:

  •      Glueing it directly on to the wall but we didn’t like the permanency of this   
  •      Spring loaded mirror clips – nope
  •      French Cleat method - nah
French Cleat Method

We ended up using liquid nails to stick a wooden piece to the back of the mirror.  

One piece at the top and a piece at the bottom for stability.  We then screwed a wire into the wood to form a loop which we hung on a screw in the wall.  
Simple !!

I think the finished look is exactly what I was looking for and it all came together really quickly - just as I like it.

If you have any questions on making your own oversized, round mirror - drop me a line.