21 August, 2014

Twin Nursery // Jamie & Lucas' Room

My boys are going to turn 4 years old in just over a months time.  This time of year always has me thinking just how quickly the year has flown and how quickly they are growing up.

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew exactly how I wanted my nursery to look and feel, right down to the cot being featured in the middle of the room with a rug to pull it all together and a reading nook in the corner.

Looking back, this suprises me as it was really the first room in the house in which I had a crystal clear vison of how it would turn out.  Its not like I had conciously been thinking about it (with the exception of my cot), it was actually a really natural process.  Before this room became the nursery, I spent hours in here as I am lucky enough to work from home - maybe I had subconciously been planning the whole time?

And then there were two.....We found out at 6 weeks that we were having twins.  Both Paul and I were really excited and took the news in our stride, although apparently my face told a different story (for the first month or so anyway).

So, with all the reminiscing, I thought I'd share Jamie & Lucas' room - hopefully it provides some inspiration if you are about to start planning or redecorating a nursery or kids bedroom.

The reading nook was a really important part of the room design as I was bought up with a reading a book before bed and I really wanted to instill this in my kids bedtime routine.  The chair is actually looking a little worse for wear now and we are about to substitute it with their teepee.

We used the Ribba Picture Ledge from Ikea to create the book shelves.

I had trouble finding a change table as I really wanted one that was front facing with plenty of room for creams, lotions and nappies.

We found this one at Baby Road and loved it as the change table frame can be removed when you're finished with it.  This range is manufactured by a local carpenter for Baby Road and we were able to have it stained to match the colour of the cots.

I got the idea for this DIY Baby Mobile from a friend from my Mother's Group.  

A friend of hers had organised this as an activity at her baby shower - each guest made a different coloured ball for the baby.  I was so excited when I found out that it was handmade that I ran out to my local specialty wool store - who knew?! and made one immediately.  I will share the DIY steps in another post.

Wooden Letters  //  3 for $10

Wooden Ampersand  // try this link for similar options
Vintage Metal Lilliput Robot  //  $11.95

Bunting  // I can't recall where ours was from, but this is similar

Measuring Tape Growth Chart  //  $55.36
Deer Head  //  $60.50

Jamie & Lucas were super lucky to get these vintage cars for their Christening from some gorgeous friends of ours - they now take pride of place in their room. Try here for a similar one.

Lastly, I fell in love with the bed linen from By Nord. Infact, that's a whole other blog post - their collections and asthetic is divine.  

There haven't been many changes to the room in 4 years except, we have removed the change table frame from the dresser and we have converted the Leander Cots to Junior Beds.

This is their first night in a "big" boy bed - that was about a year and a half ago.  This bed comes with an extension kit so we have extended them out.  I think they'll have another year in these beds at least.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line...

16 August, 2014

Blu Peter // North Fremantle & Online

Yesterday I accidentally stumbled upon a gorgeous furniture and homewares store in North Fremantle called Blu Peter.  

I was heading to the The Black Truffle Delicatessen & Providore (popping in here is a MUST!) to make up a gourmet gift pack for my Nonna's birthday, when I was stopped in my tracks and lured in for a scurrage around.

I cant remember the last time I was so excited to wander a homewares store - I was literally walking around in a daze, admiring everything and making a mental image of where each item would find itself a home at my house.  

I think it was a combination of the unexpectedness of my find and also the sheer beauty of the range of homewares...  The textures, the muted colour palette, the unexpected pops of colours & the uniqueness of each item.

I went back there today to take another look around and took a few photos to share with you (I'm pretty happy with my photography just quietly):

JuJu Feather Headress  // $720 - I am in LOVE, stay tuned, I am working on the perfect spot for this little baby

Visit Blu Peter at 82 - 84 Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle.  They are open Mon -Sat: 9-5, Sun: 9-1 or shop their online store.  They offer style advice for a single room or a full interiors consult.

12 August, 2014

DIY // How to Install a Picture Wall

My sister and her family have just moved into their gorgeous new Attadale house.  They are starting to decorate & personalise their space and are looking to turn their contemporary blank canvas into a warm & cozy family home. They decided to add a picture wall of the kids into their main hallway and I thought I'd detail the steps taken to achieve this look.

Firstly you need to decide on the look you are after. Use Pinterest as a source of inspiration as there are so many options to suit every asthetic.  My sister knew that she wanted a clean, uniformed & minimalist look so with this in mind, we took the following steps:

Firstly, she started to gather photos (and even hired our photography-enthusiast uncle to take a few snaps) and started to hunt around for the right frames.

To keep inline with her minimalist brief, she chose a simple frame in black that was available in differing sizes.  Her frames are from Target but you can be sure to find something you like at Ikea. I love the versatility of the Ribba Series

The second step is to decide on the size of the area that you want the photos to fill.  To help with this step, we measured out the rough size on the wall and made up a template out of kraft paper.  We hung the template up on the wall to get a visual of the size.  This step was really important for me as I'm a VERY visual person.  

Once satisfied with the size in comparison to the wall, we pulled the template down and started to plot out the frames on the kraft paper.  We started with the corners and worked our way towards the middle, filling the gaps to get the look that she wanted to achieve.  

When we were happy with the layout, we drew around each picture frame, giving each picture a number using a Post-it note.  We wrote the corresponding number onto the template and then hung it back onto the wall to get the placement perfect.  

Now for the tricky part - there were a couple different options that we had seen to get the frames placed correctly onto the wall.  We came up with an idea to use string to form a border using painters tape (to avoid damaging the walls) and also used a level at this stage.

Once the border was up, we removed the template and the next step was to simply start putting the pictures up, using the template and picture numbers as a guide. 

Rather than hammering in 40 odd nails into the brand new wall, we decided to use 3M COMMAND Picture Hanging Strips, which allows for a quick change of picture frame when needed.

We started by placing all the corner pictures up and then worked our way in to the centre.

And.....the finished product, (although she has already tweaked it a few times since this photo was taken...I think she is A Little Bit OCD also).  I think it looks amazing and  it has  really  added a homely feel to this area of the house.

Below is another example of a picture wall that I LOVE.  Rather than hanging each individual picture, it uses a Picture Rail so that the photos can be quickly restyled whenever you feel inspired. I'm loving the frame choice and colour palette of this one.

To get a similar look, pop back to Ikea for the Ribba Picture Ledge.  I've used this Picture Ledge in Jamie & Lucas' room for their picture books...but we'll save that for another day.

04 August, 2014

Lightly Shop // Melbourne & Online

I have been admiring the VI Brass Pendant Light from Lightly for a while now.

I have the perfect spot picked out for it, above my kitchen bench top.  All I need now is for my kitchen renovation to start.....(stay tuned!)   I have a couple other options in mind though, maybe we could take a vote?

VI BRASS Pendant // Sml $292 // Med $425  

If brass isn't your style it is also available in Copper.
Lightly VI COPPER Pendant

Lightly has a great range of contemporary products, here are some of my faves:

01.  MARBLE TRAY  //  $130
02.  SMITH LIGHT // $365
04.  LITTLE RACER  //  on sale $46.40
05.  BRASS DRINKS TRAY  //  $130
06.  OIL BURNER  //  $180 : I have this oil burner, it is divine
08.  TWO-TONED BALLOONS  //  $25 for 6
09.  BRASS SERVERS  //  $30
10.  ROPE LIGHT METALLIC  //  $300

Shop online at Lightly Shop or visit them in Melbourne @ 3 Glasshouse Rd, Collingwood.  They offer FREE shipping Australia wide for orders over $100 and FREE International shipping over $200.

03 August, 2014

My Colour Palette & Design

My colour palette is a simple one.  It's made up of shades of white, black, marble, concrete with a hint of gold and a load of texture.  

I don't tend to decorate with much colour, but lately I am loving bringing in a hint of green with indoor plants.

I love contemporary, minimalist design and styling but I also have a soft spot for Scandinavian, a touch of The Hamptons and Industrial.

I tend to mix it up a little bit, but try to get a cohesive look by sticking to my colour palette.